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What is Virtual Reality?

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Let's take a look at types of virtual reality :

  • Non – immersive : Non-immersive VR technology features a computer-generated virtual environment where the user simultaneously remains aware and controlled by their physical environment. Video games can be said to be the best example of non-immersive VR.


  • Semi-immersive : The word itself suggests that users can have experience in a partially based virtual environment. This type of VR type can be useful in training such as flight simulators for pilot trainees or in surgical training and for educational purposes.


  • Fully-immersive : This type of VR generates the most realistic simulation experience, from sight to sound to sometimes even olfactory sensations. Best examples of fully immersive virtual reality are Car racing games that give users courage of speed and driving skills.

How virtual reality applications are used today?

Virtual reality is mostly associated with Gaming, but it is also used to simulate travel, aid learning, communication and more. Due to the pandemic, social interaction and remote work have increased VR use.

Examples :

Training : Use of VR can be more impactful in training employees of the organisation. The employees can understand other people’s work by standing in their shoes, VR has the ability to do so. As the technology goes on improving, VR is going to be a valuable tool in corporate training.

Healthcare : Imagine using VR to help patients with disorders such as anxiety or anorexia. VR is going to be very useful for students in medical school to deal with real time situations that they will face when they become doctors. For example, Empathy training. VR is already in use for Surgical training.

Travel : Use of VR in the travel industry can be very beneficial for high end travel. As a user, you can see and feel the location from your perspective instead of just watching a video or photos. VR can take you inside the property, so you would know what to expect.

Entertainment : As we know as of now, VR is mostly associated with gaming, the ability to provide immersive experiences will transform the entertainment industry. Users will interact in a highly personalised way. Users will be provided with a new form of engagement by choosing their own POV in a game or movie.

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